Thinking of extending your home?

When you need more space at home but are not sure whether to move house or extend your current one, the decision can seem daunting.

You may need an extra room for an office, or another bedroom with an ensuite. Perhaps you simply want to give an older house a more modern interior. Or maybe you want to make some changes to your home on account of age or disability. This could be done in conjunction with a new bathroom or with adaptations for disabilities. More…

From the foundations to the finishing touches, we aim to leave you with the same sense of excitement you had at the start.

If you opt for an extension, you need to make sure that your property will increase in value enough to make it worthwhile. We can help you look at costs.

Once you’ve had your plans drawn up, and you’ve checked the necessary planning permissions, call us and we’ll prepare an estimate for you for the building work, to help you make the best choices for the work you need.

Conversions, renovations, extensions, refurbishments…

Choose good quality workmanship and a reputable and reliable team. However small or large your property, and whatever the nature of the work you need, you can now get the whole thing done and dusted in one go by appointing M&J Stilp.

From large listed buildings to small private homes:

  • We use specialist tradespeople, not just general workmen. It means we resource the job for the best results, whether it’s plumbing or plastering, roofing or ramps.
  • We carry out the work to an agreed timetable.
  • You have a detailed written contract describing all the stages of the project.
  • We do everything possible to make sure you can still live comfortably at the property while we’re doing the work.
  • We move fittings and appliances to where you want them, whenever possible.
  • We adapt to your colour schemes and other requirements, and we make sure everything is in full working order at the end, and looks the way you planned.

Get the ball rolling today. Call or email us now, and we’ll arrange to come and see you. email us

The conversion is working very well and everyone is pleased with both your company’s work and the way in which it was carried out.”
R W L Cooper

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